In the process of beer production, it is necessary to pump diatomite, yeast, PVPP and other raw materials. In the past process, usually with screw pump for pumping.

With the continuous adoption of advanced production processes and equipment, beer manufacturers have found that hose pumps have more advantages than screw pumps in pumping these media.

These advantages include:

1. Hose pump can be self-priming. We all know that screw pump is not self-priming ability, so it is often necessary to use a relatively large storage tank in production, the material to raise a certain height, and then connected with the screw pump. This increases the investment in equipment, as well as the requirements for the site. And hose pumps can solve such problems perfectly.

When the hose of the hose pump is reset, it can produce a strong vacuum suction and inhale the material into the pump.

2. Hose pump can be turned forward and reverse. This is a unique function of the hose pump. Hose pump does not matter import and export, only need to adjust the motor steering, you can turn the entrance into an exit, the exit into the entrance, this is the screw pump can not do. The screw pump must set up a return loop at the outlet. When production is shut down, the valve of the loop needs to be opened to guide the system pressure to the entrance, which increases the cost of equipment investment and makes production more of a process. Hose pump in use only need to add a loop on the circuit, shutdown automatic reversal, the system of the material reverse transport can be. There is no need to add more pipes and valves, but also to make the operation of workers easier.

The operator just shuts down and the rest of the hose pump will do it himself.

3. Hose pump can dry turn, and screw pump is not dry. When the material in the tank is delivered, the screw pump needs to add a water shortage protection device to ensure that the screw pump will not be damaged due to lack of water dry.

The hose pump requires this device because the dry transfer does not cause any damage to the hose pump.

4. The price of the hose pump is lower. In the process of beer production, equipment must be required to meet food hygiene requirements. Screw pump In the rotor, stator material must meet such requirements, so the cost of the material will be relatively high.

And the characteristics of the hose pump determines that the media can only contact with the inner wall of the hose, so only need to use food sanitary grade hose can be, other parts are not contact with the media, can be used ordinary materials.

5. Hose pump maintenance is more convenient. Screw pump needs to change the stator frequently, the replacement of the stator needs to disassemble the entire pump, the equivalent of reinstalling the screw pump. And the hose pump has only one wearing piece, which is the hose.

There is no need to disassemble the entire pump body for Replacing hoses, only need to remove the outlet and inlet flange. The drive the hose into pump using the motor, you can complete the installation easily.

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