Committed to a better environment
Our peristaltic pumps are very suitable for the environmental protection treatment industry and have been adopted by more than 100 environmental protection companies so far。
Make construction more efficient
Our peristaltic pump is the best choice for conveying foamed concrete and mortar, which greatly improves the efficiency of the construction industry.
The best choice for the mining industry
In the refining process of the mining industry, our peristaltic pumps are the best choice. More than 100 mines around the world have adopted our products.
Make food processing more hygienic
In the food processing industry, hygiene and efficiency are the most basic requirements. Our peristaltic pumps are used in the production lines of more than 150 food processing plants around the world.


With 20 year experience in peristaltic pump production and development, SeFlow is one of best China brands in this field. The source of our continuous advancement has always adhered to the business philosophy of “exploitation and innovation, wins by quality and sincere service”. SeFlow has been continuously advancing to a top peristaltic pump manufacturer. At the same time, we are actively pursuing greater sales in ......