This SEYZ series hose pump is a special pump designed specifically for the small to medium flow pumping. It is ideal for needs of many industries such as laboratory, mining, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and chemical. It has many features:

Why SeFlow's Hose Pump

A lot of practical evidence shows that hose pump head life depends mainly on the life of the roller bearings. During the use of a hose pump, the hose might rupture. Consequently the fluid may contaminate the roller bearings and then damage whole pump body.

SeFlow’s SEYZ series hose pump head adopts a new laminating structure. It can effectively prevent the roller bearings from being contaminated. Therefore, it greatly extends the pump head life. Furthermore, the roller bearings are all made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.


Uniform tube pressuring to extend the tube life

Injection molded parts of any material will have a certain shrinkage rate. This will lead to differences between the final dimensions of the molded product and the design dimensions. Therefore, the accuracy of the directly injection molded product is not good.

SeFlow’s SEYZ series peristaltic pump head has undergone a special process. It makes the arc size dimensional accuracy high. Then the hose pressure will be uniform. As a result, the pump hose will be effectively longer.

Four-roller design and smaller pulsation

SEYZ series’s hose pump head wheel disc is made of stainless steel. It is resistant to corrosion and high temperature. Meanwhile, the spindle gasket made of PTFE is also resistant to corrosion and high temperature.

With pressure adjustment function---more adaptable

Lots of data shows that hose pump hose tightness can also largely affect the hose life. The greater the pressure, the shorter the pump hose life. Using a smaller pressure can effectively extend the hose life. Because the pump tube belongs to the flexible material, production size is difficult to ensure consistency. The wall thickness tolerance is generally 0.1mm. If the pump head does not have pressure adjustment function, the pressure may be too high or too low, consequently the hose life will be short. Thus, the pressure adjustment can also extend the use of hose. 

High Precision

Our hose pump adopts microprocessor control technology. This makes it possible to control the repetition accuracy within 0.3%. Furthermore, with the pressure adjustment function, the value can be set continuously. It is convenient for users.

Simple Operation

3.5-inch 320*240 high brightness LCD display, all operating parameters are displayed on the same screen, easy to understand the operation; the product has a carrying handle, easy to carry; can be installed with a variety of pump heads.

High Torque and Low Power Consumption

Our hose pump series adopts stepper motor to control the speed.  It has large torque, low power consumption, and strong adaptability. At the same time, it adopts “double CPU” control. This means drive control separation, fast computing speed, stable work and high transmission accuracy.

Rich Features

With automatic flow correction, sound reminder, infinitely adjustable speed, start-stop, external commutation, full speed button, fast filling and emptying function.

High Reliability

Newly upgraded third-generation circuit board—high reliability, good heat dissipation, low noise, smooth operation and power-down memory function. The internal circuitry is triple-proof. Moreover, it has excellent anti-interference performance and wide voltage design. Therefore our hose pump series is very suitable for complex power supply environment.

External Control Function

Rich external control functions are available. For example, DC12V output, convenient direct connection to a variety of sensors (capacitance sensors, liquid level sensors, photoelectric sensors……).  The product hardware is reserved for a variety of circuit interfaces to meet the special customer needs.