Hose is one of the core components of peristaltic pump. Unlike usual hoses, peristaltic pump hose is specially reinforced and thickened to withstand frequent squeeze. Usually it consists of three layers: the inner layer, the reinforcement layer and the outer layer. The inner layer of the hose is for contacting with the fluid. The middle layer is a reinforced layer for increasing the strength of the hose. It is a multilayer high-strength nylon mesh and is coated with rubber. The outer layer is for withstanding high-intensity squeeze from rollers or sliding shoes.

peristaltic pump hose structure | SeFlow
The life of a peristaltic pump hose depends on a number of factors like:
  • Pumped material: If the pumped material contains too much sharp solid, the hose life will be greatly short.
  • Usage frequency: The higher the frequency of use, the shorter the life of the hose.
  • Speed: The lower the number of revolutions, the longer the life
Hose is a consumable component on a peristaltic pump. Furthermore  it is necessary to replace the hose regularly. Hose is the main cost source in the maintenance stage of peristaltic pump. Many European and US peristaltic pump brands offer a very high price for replacement hose. As a result, maintenance cost at user side is extremely high and overburdened.

We produce affordable high quality replacement peristaltic pump hose series

Thanks to years of experience, we continually improve the material formulation and reinforcement structure of our hoses. So, our hoses are different with other China competitor’s. Moreover, SeFlow’s hoses have obtained the same service life as European and American manufacturers ‘ hoses. But our peristaltic pump hose products have more affordable price than them. We can customize replacement hose with any size for our customers. Upon each hose, we perform precise machining and rigorous testing before delivery to ensure it has the best performance and service life.

Over the past more than 20 years, we have continued to provide high quality peristaltic pump hose products to hundreds of pump users over the world. SeFlow has significantly reduced our customer’s peristaltic pump usage and maintenance cost. For different fluids, the inner layer material used is different, in the manufacture of hoses, we have a variety of materials for customers to choose. Our hoses can handle the vast majority of material conditions.

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peristaltic pump hose type A | SeFlow

Type A

peristaltic pump hose type B | SeFlow

Type B

Hose Material: NR (natural rubber), EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), NBR (Nitrile-butadiene rubber), NR-F, Neoprene, Silicon Rubber, Hypalon (CSM, HYM)