Peristaltic pump is a special pump type. On each pump, there is a special reinforced hose and a pair of rollers or sliding shoes. The roller or sliding shoe continuously squeeze the hose. During the hose’s recovery process from squeezed state, there will be vacuum generated in the hose. This makes suction force generated. Therefore the pump can suction and pump the fluid. The whole process is very similar to the working of human intestinal peristalsis. So, users call this pump type “peristaltic pump.” or “squeeze pump”. Meanwhile, as there is a hose in the pump, we slao call this pump type “hose pump” or “tube pump”.

SeFlow is one of the leading peristaltic pump manufacturers in China. We are committed to continuously improving the performance and life of our pumps. Therefor, we use top quality components for our products. The motors, gearboxes and bearings used in our hose pumps are from China’s top manufacturers. At the same time, we continuously improve the raw material formulation of our hoses. Consequently, our products have the same hose service life as other peristaltic pump manufacturers around the world.

SeFlow manufacturer the most reliable peristaltic pump products

In past more than more than 20 years, we have continuously improved our peristaltic pumps to meet application needs from different industries. We have received trust from more than 800 customers in 40 countries and regions around the world. Gradually SeFlow has grown into one of the largest China hose pump brands on sales.

With years of experience, we understand the characteristics and requirements of peristaltic pumps more than other China competitors. On each pump, we adhere to the highest quality standards and use top quality level components. This makes our peristaltic pump life much longer than any China competitor, even more than the life level of European and US brands.

We produce better peristaltic pumps with highest quality

In the manufacture of our peristaltic pump products, we adhere to the highest product quality standards in China. All products are tested and tested 100% before they leave the factory. At the same time, during the lifetime use of our products, we provide complete after-sales technical support to make sure that customers can use our products with confidence.